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Welable Pharma has a significant presence in brands across all therapeutic segment
like from cough & cold to life threatening serious diseases.


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We produce and market a wide range of pharmaceuticals formulations for both chronic and urgent treatments...



With the support of our devoted teams in formulations, process chemistry, and analytical development, our fundamental...

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Every part of our business is governed by our global code of conduct. To make good health available and affordable to local ...


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Welable Pharma has expanded its range of over-the-counter (OTC) products, established a separate independent division to handle OTC items, and is quickly expanding its product lineup in this market. The company is expanding into other markets after finding success with its pain-relieving products, including those for different cough syrups, nutritional health products, gastro-intestinal products, protein supplements, skin care products, and personal care items. Retail pharmacies, health and cosmetic stores, drug stores, and lifestyle spas are some of our main target markets.

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Welable Pharma is dedicated to providing high-quality pharmaceutical and healthcare supplies that meet customer needs and expectations. The quality must be such that it gives customers a good reason to choose our business as a pharmaceutical producer, exporter, and supplier. The entire business and its employees are dedicated to working towards constant product quality improvement in order to maximise client satisfaction.

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