About Welable

The year ____ witnessed the rising of Welable Pharma – a name synonymous with quality and trust in the pharmaceutical industry. With more than 90 products in its quiver, the company boasts about being the most rapidly advancing company of the nation. Situated at Mehsana, Gujarat, the company has spread its wings across the nation as well as overseas.

Welable Pharma has a significant presence in brands across all therapeutic segment like from cough & cold to life threatening serious diseases. With an unwavering attitude and strong determination, the company has achieved many milestones in its success saga. With the changing times, the company has been focusing more on its expansion plans and increased its overall infrastructure capabilities.

On the manpower front, the company is equally strong with some of the most talented and experienced professionals working with the company. It owns the most competent team of 500 people to bear on every mission it takes on.

Vision & Mission

"To be a global pharmaceutical company with increasing focus on innovative research and developing markets."

"To be a caring pharmaceutical company helping to enhance health through quality products."


For Welable Pharma, ‘Quality’ is the most cherished value that goes deep in every practice. A practice, now transformed in to a habit has been at the core of everything – be it production, packaging or marketing. To retain this unwavering quality, the company has a straightforward and clearly defined QA policy. Right from the raw materials that are inspected & tested against relevant quality plan, to the manufacturing and the final testing and analysis of the product, stringent quality control measures are applied.